• Put on the Full Armor of God

    armor“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding" - Proverbs 3:5

    The logic of God rarely, if not at all, follows the pattern or sequence in the mind of man.  This becomes a testament of your will and faith. Your decision will reveal the placement of your heart: Do I follow the plan of God, or do I create a path in which I’m most comfortable?

    Having confidence in your self-knowledge requires less exertion and struggle in applying your plan of action because you’ve done your analysis and research. You have calculated the perceivable risk and outcome. Your security level is at a green status!

    On the other hand, pursuing the will of God doesn’t always make you feel like you’re standing on solid ground. In fact, it sometimes feels like you’re standing on a downhill slope that’s glazed with ice. Your mind becomes overwhelmed and consumed with your ability to control the movement of your body without falling and getting injured.  However, faith is calling out for you to trust God and allow Him to lead you in the next step.

    In order for this to happen, you must quiet the loud cackling thoughts in your head: doubt, unbelief, complaining and fear. The victory of the battle takes place in the playground of your mind. These negative thoughts band together to bully and taunt faith until it runs away and hide. Faith leaves the playground in tears and disappointed. The quartet of discouragement laugh, gloat and boast how their methods of ambush and nagging bantering always work in their favor. They tease and chitchat about the lack of strength faith was unable to muster up in the face of opposition.

    Now, faith has been exercising (praying) and lifting weights (studying the word of God). Faith has gained muscle! As doubt, fear, unbelief and complaining unite to confront faith once again; they attempt to pummel him with negative feelings of insecurity and mistrust in God. Faith has come prepared for the battle and has on the armor of protection: shield, helmet, sword, shoes, belt and breastplate (see Ephesians 6:11-17).

    Faith proves his confidence in God by taking a step on the downhill slope. Faith moves and slips! The negative thoughts laugh in the face of faith and begin to torpedo him with hopelessness and uncertainty, but faith refuses to be embarrassed and recovers. Faith stands to his feet again and takes the next step as God leads him. Doubt, fear, insecurity and distrust realize that faith will not give up. They return to the sideline anxiously waiting and watching for another mishap, so they can frustrate and conquer faith.

    Faith continues to take each step as directed by God. The process is a learning experience of obedience and surrendering your will to the purpose of God. Mistakes are made along the way, which become faith building lessons.

    You’re still very curious about God’s blueprint, but you’ve decided to place your trust and confidence in Him. You realize it’s an adventure learning to slide on a downhill slope while still standing. 

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